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BINGO media, flyers and Zoom backgrounds, and FAQs

Visit here for the free downloadable flyer templates and Zoom backgrounds, or scroll down.

Working With Us

In-person or Virtually

Steps to Create a BINGO Event:
  1. Set a game night date; choose traditional bingo, music bingo, combo of both or trivia.
  2. Set a donation “price” per player and a platform to “sign up”. 
  3. Decide on the prizes or just play for fun!!
  4. (Virtual Only) Send out invites directing players to the “sign up” platform.
  5. (Virtual Only) Forward participant list to GYEO so we can send game cards and info.
  6. Let the games begin!!!
What does GYEO do for the Event?
  1. Free event consultation.
  2. Work with the organization to insure a successful event ie. Sponsorship suggestions, donation suggestions, themed events, etc.
  3. Craft individual games as planned in conjunction with client.
  4. (Virtual Only) Email each participant the game cards, instructions as well as field Zoom tutorials to “newbies”.
  5. Create an event that closely mirrors our in-person live events.
  6. Supply an MC who is highly entertaining and interactive with participants. 
  7. Have fun along with all the participants
Fun Notes
  • Game event planning can be done easily by one person from the organization 
  • No extra costs for a venue.
  • No need for vendor booths and all the work that goes along with that.
  • Easy to find Sponsors to offset the cost of GYEO and get donations – most applicable to our fundraising services.
  • A couple of hours of family fun right from the comfort of their own homes. 
  • Donations can be divided in various ways with ease.
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Download Our Free Flyer Templates and Zoom Backgrounds!

To download: Click on image, then right click on expanded view and select either available option, “Save Image As” or “Download”

To customizeOnline – use VisualMark.com (free and easy) or Search online for “Add text to Image” for other online options,
MAC – Use Preview to annotate, or your favorite image editor | PC – Use Paint or your favorite image editor.

Customized Flyers design and print is available from our marketing agency, Digital Marketing Partner.  Besides designing and printing flyers, Digital Marketing Partner can also provide services to promote and market your event. Visit them at DigitalMarketingPartner.agency

For Facebook

Image for download - BINGO FB Flyer
Image for download - BINGO FB Flyer

For Instagram

Bingo flyer for Instagram
Bingo flyer for Instagram

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Image for download - Zoom background
Image download - Zoom background
Image download - Zoom background
Image download - Zoom background
Image for download - Zoom background
Image download - Zoom background

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