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Our selection of popular entertainment services offered to help attract more patrons to your pub, bar or restaurant establishment. Contact Mary or Larry to book or to request additional information – Use our Contact Form, email [email protected], or call 860-424-7657

Game Options:

Game Descriptions:

Speed Trivia

The games consist of a mix of categories including science, theatre, film, who’s who and all kinds of general knowledge.

There are three rounds of twenty questions as well as one final, point-weighted question, for round four. The questions come in various formats from multiple choice, number questions, picture questions, letter questions and sequence questions. All questions are answered on a smart phone from an app that participants are instructed to download before the game begins. The questions are average in difficulty. Answers are automatically sent back into our system for scoring and the scoreboard for participating teams is displayed regularly throughout the game.

Music Bingo

Participants in our super popular Music Bingo games are given music bingo cards and markers so they can keep track of the music selections that are played on their cards. Thirty second excerpts of songs are played, and the titles are announced as the game goes along. Players mark their cards until someone gets the bingo pattern which has been announced prior to the game beginning.

Many categories are available like, Retro 70’s, 80’s Pop, Country, Modern Pop, Rock Hall of Fame and many more including holiday themes.


Our MC takes requests and plays the songs that people want to sing where they become the stars.

We have thousands of songs available for singers to request. Music is played in between songs, so there is no “dead air”.

Our own MC Larry will sing to get the crowd warmed up and excited.


Our MC spins your customer’s favorite tunes. He is also a master at reading the crowd to determine selections of songs and genres that will appeal to those who are there.

Included With Our Services

Set up, break-down, Bingo supplies, and lighting effects.

Additional Information:

  • Our Music Bingo and Trivia events are approximately two hours in length.
  • The Karaoke and DJ Service events are approximately three hours in length.
  • Longer event times are an additional charge.
  • Prizes are supplied by the client ie. House gift cards, house swag, t-shirts, etc

Thank you for your business!

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